Pre-Training Christmas Run

After signing up to the North London half marathon in March 2016 for St Joseph’s hospice I started googling training plans.  Whilst my usual style is to turn up half prepared, I do intend to stick to this plan as it is the furthest I’ve attempted to run and it’s part of my mission.
I have found a 12 week training plan which I will start on the 29th December- but I’ll talk about that in my next post.
Before training starts I thought it would be a good idea to get some runs in since I haven’t been running much for quite a while.
The pre-training has started a bit hit and miss as I’ve had a lingering cold for several weeks. Thankfully this week that has changed and I have now completed my second run of the week.

The pre-training Christmas run
I am lucky enough to work with someone who has running experience and is also willing to run with me at my (sloooow) pace. Lovely Kiera not only puts up with me in work but she has agreed to be my race buddy for the NL half. Yay and thanks!

I also managed to convince her to come on an after work Christmas run round some of the best Christmas tree locations in London.

We donned a Santa and Elf hat and set off at a trot. Kiera planned a fab route that took us to the Southbank, to Somerset House and via Covent Garden before we finished up and went for a burger (as you do).

The run involved some walk breaks and oodles of selfie/elfie/photo breaks but really put a smile on our faces. We covered 4.6miles and whilst we weren’t breaking any records, we had great fun.


Whilst I’m not going to be able to run the half without some serious training, this fun run was much needed. Not only did I have a blast but as I relaxed, I realised that my fitness has improved tons since this time last year which only bodes well for next year.


Finally managed to take a jumping/action photo- and what better place than in front of the mahoosive Christmas tree at Somerset House.

Have you planned/completed any themed runs? What was your favourite and why?



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