All the Gear and no Idea

Awesome new minion socks

Most people start January with a host of resolutions; the gyms are suddenly full and people practically fight over how their detox is the detox.
My 2016 has started with a continuation of what I started in December: half marathon training.  Although this is not a new years resolution for me, I am in many ways like the crowds of fitness newbies storming the gyms in January.
Having never run a half marathon before I feel like I have all the gear and no idea!


I have been a very lucky lady over Christmas and my birthday, I am the recipient of some lovely shiny new running gear.  My wonderful family helped to kit me out so that although I might not always look great technically when I am running, at least I will have good looking outfits!
I literally have a full set of new gear from trainers to leggings to gilets and to sports bras and these make me feel great.  I don’t know how you feel, but I always enjoy exercising more if I like my kit.
While choice is brilliant on the gear front,  the same can’t be said on the idea front.  Faced with my first half marathon, I have been combing the Google,  twitter, instagram and any other source I can find for training tips, plans and useful information.  Which to be honest has left me feeling overwhelmed.  I finally thought I had chosen the training plan for me only to find others which may (or may not) be more suitable.  How does everyone choose their plan?


After starting one plan, I have finally decided on another as it calls for 3 runs per week instead of 4 which I think my body will thank me more for.
The North London Half Marathon organisers with Martin Yelling have posted several training plans and I will be sticking to their 12 week beginner plan.  I feel happier now that I have chosen a realistic plan for me, choosing the plan has been just about as hard as sticking to one!
Although I have enjoyed the start of my training, there is still a niggling voice saying what if I’ve chosen the wrong plan, what if I don’t train enough, what if I get injured, should I be doing this or that.
Does anyone else suffer from training brain overload?

I’ll be posting a round up of this week’s training on my next post.

Happy running everyone.

P.S as ever, I am running for the wonderful Charity that is St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney.  If anyone would like to sponsor me please click here.

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2 thoughts on “All the Gear and no Idea

  1. The training plan looks great for a beginner plan. I worry all the time about training too but the most important thing is to stick to the plan – don’t overdo anything as that will definitely lead to injury – and listen to your body too – a plan is not set in stone – if you’re really not feeling a run one day or can’t complete the whole thing – try not to worry too much – attempt it another day.

    I’ve gone for 3 days running too – my body doesn’t cope too well if I do too much running and it needs longer to recover – so I think rest days in between each run day should be perfect.

    I’m doing North London Half too – should be fun!

    Good Luck with training! 😀 xXx


    1. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t go for my long run today as my achilles wasn’t feeling great so going to swap it for tomorrow.
      Good luck with your training too! Have you run a half before?
      Yeah I’m looking forward to it-especially the Wembley finish! Will keep an eye out for you and will say hi if I spot you. xxx


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