Week 2 Training Round Up

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Week two of training has finished and I’m part of the way through week three; to keep myself accountable I have decided that it will be a good idea to post a weekly progress round up.

Week two training involved:

Monday: Ran 5km at a nice slow pace and tested out my new Brooks Ghost 8 running shoes.  Spoiler alert- I loved them!  Finished up with 10minutes trigger point massage of my calves with a tennis ball.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Ran 5km home- also unwittingly ran my fastest ever mile, 1km and 5km!  Really enjoyed the run but did suffer in mile three as I had set out too fast.

Tested out my new Nathan Firecatcher Vest which I treated myself to using vouchers from my workmates for my birthday.  I found it really comfortable and love not having to carry a water bottle in my hands!

Thursday: Active rest day- swam 750metres after work.  Felt achy all over afterwards, could tell that I haven’t swam since just before Christmas!

Friday: Self enforced rest day- my achilles and calf were aching so I iced my achilles and spent some quality team on the foam roller.

Saturday: Did JasYoga for lower legs and feet.  Iced my achilles and restarted my physio exercises.

Sunday: Started new training plan which begins with walk/runs for the first few weeks.  Walk 10mins brisk, (run 6mins, walk 3mins)x3, walk 10 mins.  Covered 5km and felt good.  No achilles pain during running and I iced it when I got home.  Did the JasYoga 5minute calf reset.


This week I listened to a few podcasts which made a nice change!

  • Serial– season 2 episode 1.  I listened to the first series and couldn’t wait to start series two.  This is a brilliant podcast and well worth a listen; the podcast tells one true story over each series and the characters and plot unfold over each episode.
  • The Running Stories Podcast– this is a new podcast and has interviews relating to running and hints and tips.  I really enjoyed the first episode and am interested to see how it progresses.
  • Lazy Girl Running Podcast– episodes 1 and 2.  The podcast is chatting about running and chatting whilst running.  The first two episodes are podcasts of the Snowdonia and Dublin marathons which were recorded whilst Laura (Lazy Girl Running) ran them.  This might sound strange but I actually really enjoyed listening to them as it felt like I had company which on my run.

I also listened to Fall Out Boy’s latest album during what became my fastest 5km ever so there is definitely something to be said about music spurring you on.

How is your training going?  What is blasting through your headphones during your workout?  I am always on the lookout for new music/podcasts/audio books to keep me occupied whilst working out.

✌ 💛 😃
P.S as ever, I am training to run the North London Half Marathon for St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney; any donations/sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.
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