Week 3 Training Round Up

Seen on my run

Week 3 of training has come and gone and was fairly uneventful although I did swap round my training plan a little.  I am pleased that I am largely managing to stick to the plan however I am also trying to make sure that I am sensible and listen to how my body feels.  There’s a fine balance between training enough and not over training too soon and causing an injury- I definitely feel as though I am walking the line on this!

My week of training involved:

Monday:  Active rest day; 400m early morning swim before work.  I forgot my misfit shine so had to count the lengths in my head (first world problems).  My legs felt achy before bed so I incorporated ‘legs up the wall’ (basically lying on your back with your bum as close to the wall as possible and your legs leaning straight up against the wall) in to my pre-sleep routine.

Tuesday:  I had to be in work early so decided to swap my run for Wednesday.  I did the JasYoga Booty Lock Mitigation video and lower leg video in the evening.  I do notice a big difference after stretching-my legs feel less heavy and tense.  I also did some core work in the evening: 10x shallow ups, 10x tuck ups and 10x v-sits.  I cannot believe how hard I found them!  More work on my core is needed!

Wednesday: Running after work- walk 10 mins, (run 4 mins, walk 1min) x4, walk 10 mins.  I covered 5km including an improvised obstacle involving me climbing over the park fence after being locked in.  I really enjoyed the run and found that I did get in to a rhythm.  I like running at night as it brings a certain amount of quietness to London that you don’t get during the day.

Thursday: After work outdoor swim (in a pool).  34 lengths (850 metres).  I am really pleased with this, I usually swim in the slow lane but did most of this swim in the medium lane which meant that I really pushed myself.

Friday: Crazy busy day a work, I stayed really late which also meant that I didn’t make my planned run.

Wrapped up warm 🙂

Saturday: Went for the run planned for Friday; 5mins walk, (5mins run, 5mins walk)x3 then walked the rest of the way home.  It was pretty cold on this run so I struggled a little with breathing but found that breathing in to my buff helped.  My left calf and achilles were achy on Saturday evening.

Sunday: Enforced rest day.  My achilles and ankle were tender and achy so I rested and iced them.  Decided that I would do my long run on Monday instead.

How has everyone’s week been?  Did you manage all of the training sessions that you had planned?

✌ 💛 😃
P.S as ever, I am training to run the North London Half Marathon for St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney; any donations/sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.
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