Week 4: Missing Motivation

Early morning run commute

One of the hardest things that I find about running and exercise in general are motivation.  Motivation to push through and run a bit longer before taking a walk break, motivation to run a bit faster, further longer  and of course motivation to just get up off of the sofa and go for a run at all.

There’s a constant battle of wills going on in my head during a run mainly involving the lazy part of my brain trying to convince the rest of my brain that I’m tired, that I should slow down, or just stop and go home.  The sofa calls to me on many of my runs.

I have got better at blocking out those voices, I have a few tricks to make myself get up and go including: treating myself to new workout kit- and therefore wanting to go test it out, creating playlists that I know will motivate me, finding new podcasts or audio books and also arranging to run or workout with friends.

During week 4 of my training, the lazy voices won.  I found excuses not to exercise and, although I had a very busy week at work and felt tired, I probably would have felt better if I had got up and got moving instead of sitting on the sofa.

My week of training looked like this:

Monday:  Ran commuted to work- 4.25 miles done.  I found this really tough, the pavements were busy and I was more time conscious that on a normal run.
Tuesday:  Walked over 10,000 steps but didn’t go for a swim or run.
Wednesday: Walked over 10,000 steps but only as part of my day to day business.
Thursday:  Swam 900 meters; I was really pleased with this as it is almost 1km in one swim session!  Hoping to reach the 1km mark soon.
Friday: Busy day, only managed 7,000 steps.
Saturday and Sunday:  Spent a lot of time on the sofa.

My week of training was not great, however I now need to move on from this and make sure that I get up and get going for the rest of my training plan.

What tips and tricks do you use to get motivated?

✌ 💛 😃
P.S as ever, I am training to run the North London Half Marathon for St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney; any donations/sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.
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2 thoughts on “Week 4: Missing Motivation

  1. I found quite possibly the most bizarre way to motivate myself for my first marathon last year. I told myself that on some level, I have already run the race (as my future self). And since I have already run the distance (in your case 13.1), then I have the power to run the training run. Essentially, if I have the endurance to run the full race, then I have the endurance to run the training runs. And if I run the training runs, then the race will run itself. It’s very abstract. But it helped me 😂 Another thing is, trust in your legs. Good luck with the rest of your training! 🙂


    1. That’s a great idea, one that I haven’t heard before but I like the different view of training. Thanks for the good luck. Hope you’re marathon went well!


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